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Currently, there are narcotics canine units in seven of the twelve police departments in the county.

However, these teams are not always available to officers in the Village of Mantua due to travel time and scheduling difficulties.

Could be you're spending too much time saying way too little - and the endless cyber-chat is knocking the romance straight out of your inbox and into the trash bin. Ask any woman who's ever found herself flicking through her lover's e-mails, and most often she'll give you a good reason for doing so.

Even if she can't think of one, the casual flicking through the emails implies that she's little else to do and that she's doing no harm as she's at his computer anyway.

Due to budget cuts in recent years, the department experienced a reduction in force from four full time police officers to just one. Criminal arrests for possession of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia have risen approximately two hundred percent over the past three years.

And, due to the loss of business and manufacturing facilities in the Village, the staff has had to make cuts which has put a strain on the department and village. In the last year, the County Drug Task Force has performed search warrants and major arrests on four homes in Mantua Township which surrounds Mantua Village.

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