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ABS ASGC CD 2006 Description: Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) digital boundaries.

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What renders this otherwise ‘ordinary’ beauty contest as more contentious than other forms of generating funds for philanthropy are the specificities of Filipino-Australian migration: the transnational movement of sexual labour that hyperfeminised the community like no other in Australia. 2009, 'Migration, Local Development and Governance in Small Towns: Two Examples from the Philippines.' International Institute for Environment and Development.

The fiesta, not unlike other expressions of cultural production that attempt to conceal this sexualised past, nonetheless raises the spectre of the ‘mail-order bride’ whose migration ‘built’ the community, an assertion that meets opposition from the middle class, professional and mestizo migrants from the Philippines.

However, the processes that the fiesta puts into place in facilitating diaspora philanthropy are reliant on women’s labour, thus revealing the intersections of the community’s past and present.

This overlooked facet also hints at the philanthropy engendered within diasporic formations as distinct and conditioned by the migrant history that has shaped these communities. 2006, '.5m payout to Alvarez, ' The Advertiser, November 30.

Online, available: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007a, '2006 Census of Population and Housing Australia: Country of Birth of Person (Full Classification List) by Sex.' Online, available: 18 February 2010]. '2006 Census of Population and Housing Australia: Country of Birth of Person by Sex for Time Series.' Online, available: 18 February 2010]. 1996, Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women.

1997, 'The Body and Reproduction of Femininity, ' in Writing on the Body: Female Embodiment and Feminist Theory, (eds) K.

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