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Examples of composite products in nature are wood, bamboo and bone, and an example of an early man-made manufactured composite is mud and straw which has been used for over 10,000 years.Composite materials are very versatile and are utilized in a variety of applications.

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The stone is very workable which means the design of outdoor surfaces is nearly endless.

Walls: Sandstone is often used for exterior walls such as cladding, ledgestone and blockwork for homes and commercial buildings.

“So, I tried the online courses (Level 3).” Judive had extensive experience in online training before she started taking classes at CCI, so she took to the online option quickly.

Once the distance barrier was taken care of, there was still a language barrier to deal with.

With a degree in business and fifteen years of experience in the banking world, she was well-equipped to launch a new enterprise, but needed to know more about GFRC.

Her journey started with a book, but quickly came to incorporate formal training.

Concrete delivery should be closely coordinated with placing and finishing operations.

Concrete should not be poured faster than it can be worked – spreading, consolidating, bull floating.

Consolidation of Concrete Placing concrete in forms and then consolidating is popular for some types of construction (i.e. The consolidation process uses vibration and gravity to compact fresh concrete within the forms and around embedded items and reinforcement.

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