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Their relationship has been explored in three episodes, making her the most prominent of Bart's love interests and Bart's first serious relationship.She seems to be the most intelligent of Cletus' children, speaking in correct English (in contrast to the rest of her family) and showing a strong talent for music and performing.

He will soon be reunited with the love of his life, Sam Morgan, played by Monaco, and his son, Danny.

Fans have been waiting for the moment that Jason realizes who he is and will go back into the arms of his wife.

"He has shown a pattern of conduct that demonstrates a total disregard for human rights," the judge stated before sentencing.

"Where there is no remorse there should be no mercy."According to Watkins, it's not a lack of remorse, but a refusal to take responsibility for a crime he says that he did not commit.

After Bart and his sister, Lisa, save Lou from being killed in a slaughterhouse, Lisa suggests taking Lou to Mary's family's farm, which Bart agrees to.

Upon arriving at Mary's home, Bart and Lisa discover that Cletus Spuckler is Mary's dad--after Bart asks Mary is Lou can live with Mary and her family, Cletus and Brandine (Mary's mom) get really excited by this.On July 2nd, 2001, a Georgia jury convicted Joey Watkins, 20, of felony murder, aggravated assault, weapons violation and misdemeanor stalking for the January 2000 death of 20-year-old Isaac Dawkins.Watkins was sentenced to life in prison plus five years, a stiff penalty recommended by District Attorney Tami Colston.reported that the couple was seen looking quite cozy.Miller plays the role of Jake Doe / Jason Morgan on the ABC daytime drama.I prayed every night and day that the truth would come out. I will be back in court because I'm not guilty of this."Since then, Watkins' case has hit a dead end and he has very few legal options left, despite earning the advocacy of the Georgia Innocence Project (GIP), which seeks to exonerate prisoners who they believe have been falsely convicted.

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