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Chance is a minimalist generator of random [1] strings, numbers, etc.

to help reduce some monotony particularly while writing automated tests or anywhere else you need anything random.

The creative process can feel a lot like having writer’s block; those are the moments you resort to “Iam Mike1234” or “Sunflowers1982” —plain and blah.

This allows you to create multiple instances if you’d like.

For convenience, we also bind Chance to window so it’s accessible globally in the browser at If you create your own instance of Chance, you can provide your own seed if you would like to be repeatable or if you’d like a more truly random seed.

In the commercial world today, a name is everything. For many companies, the brand name becomes the most important asset. These names never existed before (okay, Apple was there, but it is the variety that we bite on).

So, when you start a blog, pay some attention to the name that you want it to go by.

There are many domain name suggestion tools available on the market, and in today’s post I have compiled a list some of the more highly recommended of these tools, which will help you to find domain names based on your keywords or name ideas.

One approach which I always suggest is to go for branded or keyword-rich domain name, depending on your new site’s business model.

You want to avoid any complicated words because a username has limited characters.

For example, yarn, purl, gym, yoga, instead of tunisian, fair isle, or deadlift.

Chance is open source software and is released under the developer and business-friendly MIT license.

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