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She was very down-to-earth; she'd talk to anybody." This statement was then echoed by Evan Jones, who commented "(She was) a really good actress. Mekhi Phifer added, "She was bubbly."Related: Brittany Murphy's Last Ever Film 'Something Wicked' Released Four Years After Death Anthony Mackie explained his own experiences with Murphy, stating: "She was always speaking positivity, and when it was time to get busy, she got busy! I remember reading it and not thinking there was so much on the page." Murphy was 32 when she passed away in December 2009 from cardiac arrest, caused by a combination of pneumonia and anaemia.

Four years later, the couple married and later took divorce.

We did some investigating, and whether these claims are complete fallacies or an attempt at revenge by an ex (cough Kim Mathers), this is what we found.

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Their band mostly gave live performances at hotel named ‘Ramada Inns’.

Years later his parents divorced and married to other partners. He lived at Detroit, with his three half-siblings from mother’s side.

In a TV talk show interview, Brittany hinted at a fling between the two, but nothing was ever confirmed.

(performer: "I Need a Doctor", "Love the Way You Lie') / (performer: "Lighters", "Fast Lane" - as Bad Meets Evil) / (writer: "Lighters", "I Need a Doctor", "Fast Lane") - Lighters (2011) ...

Later, his references his small manhood, one time saying, “The next product I’m gonna put my name on is extra-small condoms.

I can never find extra-small condoms, and I know it’s really embarrassing for people, you know, from experience.

The sexy star says she can't put off learning any longer because filming starts shortly and she still hasn't passed her test.

2002 - 2002Eminem and Brittany Murphy co-starred in the movie "8 Mile" together, and romance rumors followed.

In the attached interview, the cast talk about the 2002 movie, and lovingly remember Murphy who played the role of Eminem's lover.

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