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Now, you can contribute new terms that Acrolinx flags as spelling issues directly from the plug-in.

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If you preview the slide you'll see that a Closed Captions control has been automatically added to the Player.

(You can disable the Closed Captions control via the Player Properties, Controls area shown in the second image below.) To see the Closed Captions in the Preview, click the Closed Captions control.

To use this new feature, activate both New Terms and Spelling checking options.

Available with Acrolinx Server version 5.0: The Scorecard now loads large results faster and with a more consistent design We've introduced a new HTML format of the Scorecard in the Acrolinx Server version 5.0 instead of the previous XML.

When you update the book, you can regenerate the TOC and index as well.

You can use book files for more than books in the traditional sense; you could add files to a book file for easy access.

If I were part of a workgroup, different writers could be working on different files in the book.

When files are part of a book, you can add generated files such as a table of contents (TOC) or an index.

Available with Acrolinx Server version 5.0: You can now contribute new terms for spelling issues We've realized that spelling issues are often new terms that haven't yet been added to your terminology.

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