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In Poland, I began asking girls when was the last time they had sex.

I’m not sure why I first did it, but the information I got from asking has encouraged me to now always ask during night pickups.

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You must set the correct frame from the start — that is, you must NEVER position yourself as a potential boyfriend, and you must make it clear — covertly — that this is all about sex and nothing more.

What this means in practice is that if she tells you that she already has a boyfriend, you should say something like “I’m not looking to steal you away from him,” thus identifying yourself as a lover rather than a provider.

The most conservative girls answered me even if she wasn’t at all interested in having sex.

Before we analyze why shorter time frames are better, understand that girls will lie.

Also — and this is key — girls who have just come out of relationships can be particularly keen.

This is because, having just been through the emotional turmoil of a relationship, the last thing they want is to get into another one, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want sex. You simply need to position yourself as the right guy at the right time.

If your fuck buddy easily gets attached, then you’ll find that your naughty, hot & steamy encounters with ‘Mr.

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