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If there's one type of'dating site that has blanketed the internet, it's those that cater to folks seeking something more casual.Unfortunately with said plethora of sites comes the difficult task of finding the right site with a decent price and actual members that exist outside of a professional relationship - if you get my drift.

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Discover new ways to masturbate from other users in Fling's Masturbation Interest Group.

Discuss mutual tips, female masturbation stories, male masturbation stories, and other methods & techniques in this Fling group.

Also, please keep in mind that everyone masturbates differently.

Because our bodies are so different, something that might feel good to one person might not feel so awesome for someone else.

You may even find a connection for a sexy masturbation adult date or hook up.

Learning how to masturbate is a great way to find out what turns you on and what kinds of physical touching and fantasies make you most likely to reach the big 'O'.

There's one little interesting wrinkle: When I'm fantasizing about past girlfriends, sometimes it makes a difference who broke up with whom.

When you're little, you have to go through that whole novella, but now I can get things done with a basic series of dirty images. Nowadays, I go through "the highlight reel." You know, every relationship has its highlight reel of actual moments that you were having sex and thinking, "Wow, this is amazing." So in my fantasies, I'll play right through that reel.

I've spent many hours on these kinds of sites, talking to members, using the features, and generally trying to see if the sites offer what they say they do, while still trying to keep my (and your) privacy intact.

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