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Mahidol University International College’s academic calendar is based on a system of three trimesters – Trimester 1 (September-December), Trimester 2 (January-April) and Trimester 3 (April-July) – each running for 12 weeks. Note: Applicants whose English language skills are not sufficient for immediate acceptance may be advised to study at the Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics.

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MUIC also offers an Intensive English Program course for students preparing to take the college’s English entrance examination.

We know that applying to schools can be a big endeavor.

All application deadlines for the 2017-18 school year have now passed.

For inquiries about late applications, contact the admission office.

Some students are interested in the International Baccalaureate Program.

Others come to George School to become proficient in English.

Many are drawn to the tremendous opportunities in the arts, athletics, and service programs.

Still more are attracted to the Quaker values that guide the community. The number of openings, and thus the competition, for international applicants varies slightly from year to year depending on the composition of the current student body.

TK is a bridge-year between preschool and our traditional kindergarten program for children with late birthdays.

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