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She wants to be Takefumi's shadow and to do her best for him .Takefumi is not as comfortable with Serina showering him with so much attention. Chihaya Niiyama(Yuriko Ishida is his boss and quite beautiful.

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Yamapi has been linked for the past year and a half with Ishihara Satomi and recent tabloids have caught the two leaving his house incognito heading to a restaurant to celebrate his birthday with friends.

A rather unique dating rumor has been published by a couple of tabloids yesterday.

She was a wearing quite a revealing dress and showed a lot of cleavage that day.

A little later Utada appeared at the bar as well and unlike the feminine appearance of Fukakyon, she had more of a rockish vibe wearing a shirt with a skull design and trousers.

They have been seen many time entering her room together.

He has a chef license,he usually cooks meals for her. It was said that they were going to get married soon, but they have already broken up.

Chihaya forces Takefumi to enter into a dating relationship.

Takefumi Asagi is unable to turn down Chihaya's advances. One day, at the impetus of friend Motoko Tokura(Sei Ashina), Serina decides to have lunch with Motoko's male co-workers from a publishing company.

Takefumi is an elite salaryman who works at a brokerage firm.

Serina is teased by others that she is a shadow who lives behind her husband, but Serina Asagi is happy to live for Takefumi.

The magazine reports that her new boyfriend may be actor Maasa Igarashi (25).

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