Leo male and dating traits

Leo men do not like be told what to do, and they will rebel against any tone that sounds assertive. Leo men are the most sensitive men, when it comes to being disliked. And why does it seem like they always want to be married.

Don't be surprised if he's cheating or hiding something.

He wants to run the show, so don't be surprised if he rejects all your initiations. Even the lion from the wizard of oz lacked courage!

Perhaps the most common belief that people hold about the prone to attacks of the green eyed monster.

Sites like Cafe-Astrology tend to overemphasize the more dramatic elements of the Leo woman personality for effect and I think this does a great injustice to all Leo women.

The Leo born people show an urge of being enthusiastic, energetic and strong willed. Their purposeful strength in each and everything, makes them being able to accomplish a whole lot of things.

Therefore it is no wonder that the sign of Leo is represented by the Lion and is a deeply masculine sign.This isn't an astrological blog, but from time to time, we'll throw it all out there! They are some of the most difficult men in the zodiac. Sure he comes off as confident, self assured, protective and loving. They can be whatever they perceive the world wants them to be. Every time I turn around, a Leo man is proposing, or trying to get married. I almost believe they start stuff, just to get a reaction out of you. If he dumps you, don't be offended, it probably has nothing to do with you. If you're dating a leo man, be careful, he can be quite aggressive and may have tendencies of abuse.He is the best man to choose, if you want a long term relationship and or a clingy, possessive man. Internally, this man is storming with insecurities, ego problems, and superiority complexes. He can be the world's most charming and the world's biggest liar. Be careful, they usually try to get commitments, so that they can keep you around. In fact, he's not as bold and strong as you think he is.These are common questions that some of my readers have been asking me over the last week so rather than answer each question individually I have prepared this complete report on the Leo woman.Today (after weeks of work) I reveal my predictions for the changes that will occur for women born under the sign of Leo and the main characteristics of the Leo woman personality type.Woe be unto you if your work is careless or dishonest.

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