Liquidating 401k to buy home

Therefore, if your Roth IRA either loses value or remains steady in value, you can liquidate the account without having to mail a check to the tax man.

By contrast, any earnings in your Roth account are potentially taxable.

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Earnings in your Roth IRA are subject to a five-year seasoning rule.

You pay a 10 percent tax penalty and ordinary income tax on any withdrawals of earnings that you make within five years of first funding the Roth.

Roth IRAs are funded with after-tax rather than pre-tax money.

You don't have to pay state or federal income tax on the same sum of money twice, which means you can withdraw any amount, up to the total amount of your own contributions, tax- and penalty-free at any time.

However, before you liquidate and throw a party, consider both the taxes and the early-withdrawal penalties that apply to non-qualified distributions.

For traditional IRAs, if you're not 59 1/2, your distribution is non-qualified.For Roth IRAs, your account has to be at least five tax years old and you have to be either 59 1/2, permanently disabled, or using no more than ,000 to buy your first home.Actually liquidating the account is relatively simple, but the tax reporting is more complicated.Before we get to the answer, I want to thank Go To My PC for sponsoring the show. Yes, you can buy real estate using a special kind of retirement account that’s self-directed.A self-directed IRA allows individuals to diversify their retirement portfolio by putting money into different types of sophisticated investments besides the typical ones, such as mutual funds and stocks.You can make transfers or take loans against your 401k to access the funds for investment.

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