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While it was justified as a move to ‘protect’ Indian culture by the Sene, the incident invited the ire of people across the nation.

They entered a hotel, broke up a private party, and reportedly forced the women to leave.

Police said they acted because the organisers did not have an alcohol licence, and that the women weren’t targeted.

Exasperated, we asked him to move and he sat down next to me.

We continued our frantic last-minute prep, laughing as we came up with ways to remember different French words. Was I supposed to talk only to the 11 girls in my class?

Mangalore, December 2011: We were sitting on the steps in college studying for the Class 11 French exam.

7 of us were huddled around a single French textbook, fervently hoping we’d remember the exceptions of the verb A particularly tall friend of mine kept casting shadows on the book because he was standing, blocking the sun.

Outside Tagore Park on Mangalore’s Lighthouse Hill, students from the co-education St Aloysius College heading for the City Centre Mall are a common sight.

The groups are almost always exclusively boys or exclusively girls.

They demanded arrest and strict action against the activists.

They also expressed fear that the police would let them go free without taking action.

( Daiji In an incident that brought back memories of the infamous 2009 pub attack, activists allegedly belonging to Hindu Janajagrana Vedike on Saturday July 28 raided a resort in Padil, and thrashed and slapped girls who were allegedly partying.

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