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If you wanted to know who are the people at grassroots level who will be making decisions on behalf of their communities look no further as Cornwall Live brings you a comprehensive guide to who sit on town and parish councils following Friday's elections.

Although many seats were uncontested, there will be many news faces within the council chambers or meeting rooms as a large number of councillors did not stand for re-election this year.

An autopsy has confirmed that a Spirit Airlines pilot and his wife died of overdoses of cocaine and carfentanil.

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office on Tuesday confirmed the autopsy results in the deaths of 36-year-old Brian Halye and 34-year-old Courtney Halye.

Over a year later, she is thriving in an environment of love and care." Vardalos, who admits she is now a "giddy idiot" on Mother's Day asks, "Please, on Mother’s Day, have some compassion.

If you see someone without kids, do not ask them why they don’t have children, why they don’t just adopt, or if they are pregnant. Be quiet and pass the dip."Kate Adie (journalist) Edward Albee (playwright) Maya Angelou (poet and author) John J.

After inevitably getting lumped together on the same flight, leads evaporate and teams execute their Roadblocks and Detours week after week.

The new elements added over the seasons, like U-Turns and Speed Bumps, haven’t improved the show. I don’t care if the season is made up of nothing but teams of siblings or friends who are dating on-and-off; I just want to watch the best teams.

Whether its arriving at a challenge location hours before it opens or boarding the one-and-only flight available with the rest of the teams, these equalizers remove any advantage for the team that finished the previous leg in first place.

Rarely is a team able to leap ahead by making a bold move in an airport (or fall out of contention like Charla & Mirna did in ), so why not skip the airports all together?

If anything, the U-Turn typically hastens the exit of strong or controversial teams, making the race less competitive and the show less interesting for viewers. Casting easily labeled pairs — "The Brothers," "The Gay Couple," "The Mother-Daughter Team" — surely forces producers to reject some compelling teams each season because their role has already been filled by another team. Qualities like humor and competitiveness should trump filling certain demographic niches.

To that end, I propose winnowing down the number of teams.

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