Matthew mcconaughey dating penelope cruz

“I could see my 40th birthday looming,” he says.“I was an older bachelor than many of my friends.

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They have three children – which is what the actor considers his greatest accomplishment.

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz says she's gotten over her break-up with U. actor Tom Cruise and is now dating Matthew Mc Conaughey.

The couple, who met in Morocco while filming "Sahara," has been spotted together, but this is the first time Cruz has commented on the romance, reported Sky News Saturday.

"I have no problems in recognizing I have something with Matthew, because there's nothing to hide," Cruz told Mexican newspaper Reforma.

"But it is something I prefer not to talk about because it always ends up coming back against you." Mc Conaughey has dated actresses Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock.

"We became good friends and a month later it is something different.

" A stunned Mc Conaughey responded, "Hey, you gotta crash the boards, baby!

Matthew Mc Conaughey has had his share of affairs with some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies – Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Renee Zellweger – just to name a few.

Alves, 33, had arrived to Los Angeles from Brazil at 14 and cleaned houses and worked as a waitress before becoming a successful model.

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