Optimization and performance of air entrained self consolidating concrete oversikt over norske datingsider

effect of fly ash on the stress-strain behaviour of self-compacting concrete.japan the technology spread through asia and came to europe around 1993..Electrochemistry in Civil Engineering International RILEM Conference Materials Systems and Structures in Civil Engineering 2016 (MSSCE 2016), proceedings pro111.

optimization and performance of air entrained self consolidating concrete-49

The influence of new generation type of: SP (SP), viscosity modifying admixture (VMA) and anti-foaming admixture (AFA) on air voids parameters of high performance self-compacting concrete (HPSCC), is analyzed in the paper.

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of admixtures type on porosity and pore size distribution of HPSCC at constant water on cement ratio, type and volume of aggregate and volume of cement paste.

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rock-filled concrete in china - self compacting concrete for massive concrete..

predicting the compressive strengh of self-compacting concrete using artificial neural network..

A lower mortar viscosity, obtained using a mixing procedure in which water additions were divided, reduced the total volume of both fine and coarse air bubbles.

With a higher dosage of AE, a higher volume of fine air bubbles and a lower volume of coarse air bubbles were entrained.

An upper limit volume of fine air was defined as the maximum volume of fine air bubbles entrained with a longer mixing time.

This upper limit is proportional to the AE dosage multiplied by the funnel speed of the mortar as an index of viscosity.

The research results indicated that in case of a significant increase in the degree of liquidity of the air-entrained mortar or concrete made of participation of the innovative, air-entraining multi-component cement CEM II/B-V, first and new generation superplasticizers based on modified naphthalene, and then modified phosphoramidate should be used.

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