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Strict catch-and-release regulations for sport fishers were imposed.A government-research program also led to a volunteer tagging effort of some 35,000 sturgeon—though it's still unknown what caused the die-off.

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I really love how black opaque tights highlight my dry skin problem.

There's no middle ground when it comes to cats in tights.

He said: "Could the Town have done a better job of communicating what was going on yesterday to our community – absolutely, without a doubt.

Supermarkets in Canada will start donating leftover stock to food banks, following a successful pilot scheme.

And the latest stupidly amazing trend to blow up on the Internet is exactly what it sounds like: Cats wearing flashy tights and (usually) a pair of trendy shoes.

Converse sneakers seem to be a favorite among the feline community.

"It's our healthiest population in the province, though it continues to face a lot of pressure from urbanization and habitat degradation," said Steve Mc Adam, a fisheries biologist with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment in Vancouver.

White sturgeon in three other British Columbia rivers—Columbia, Nechako, and Kootenay—aren't as lucky, and were added to Canada's endangered species list in 2006.

More than 600 stores in the province of Quebec are expected to take part in the Supermarket Recovery Programme (SRP), which will handle an estimated 14,000 tons of food per year.

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