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But behind the charm lies the tragedy of his father’s death in 1988, killed by Ulster Loyalists.As he returns to stand-up comedy at the Edinburgh Festival, he opens up to Lina Das ‘I start my show by saying, “I’ve got a problem and my problem is I’ve never been happier...

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Then a kid comes along and you're number two, then a dog you're number three and you spend your life going down the pecking order.''Patrick also spoke about how he ''pretends'' to have work commitments in the UK, just so he can have some relief from family life on flights to and from the US.

Kielty was born in Downpatrick, Co Down, Northern Ireland, and grew up in the neighbouring village of Dundrum.

He is one of three sons born to the businessman John "Jack" Kielty, who was shot dead on 25 January 1988 by the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), a cover name used by loyalist paramilitary group the Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

John Kielty was to have been a key witness in Central Television's defence of a libel action brought by Jim Craig, who was suing the television company over a broadcast of The Cook Report which connected him to racketeering, and is said to have ordered John Kielty's murder.

He said: "We call [Milo] the Fresh Prince of Bel Air because he gets whatever he wants.

"You suddenly realise when you get married, you're number one.Although this ran for only a year and was only shown in Northern Ireland, it did attract the attention of London-based broadcasters, winning him the "Best Newcomer" Award at the 1996 Royal Television Society Awards.Patrick Kielty flew 5,000 miles to woo his future wife Cat Deeley.Speaking about her happy relationship recently, 36-year-old Cat revealed that her long-distance marriage is ideal.Talking to Vegas magazine, she said: "We have an absolutely lovely time when we're together, because we're like 'Oh, I have to go again in a minute,'" she said."All my friend are really jealous of it, weirdly.One routine performed a local gigs involved donning a balaclava and making spoof paramilitary pronouncements. He later became the warm-up act for a BBC Northern Ireland programme, Anderson on the Box, presented by local personality Gerry Anderson.

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