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So I think music is a great escape; it's the best escape.

“A handful of conversations make the biggest difference in the strength and duration of a relationship,” says Grenny.

“Talking about sexual intimacy tops that small list.” Read on for eight issues to broach and how to approach them so you can move on to more interesting things.1. Unless you want to end up in a “50 Shades of OMG what are you doing? “While it’s possible to have a good experience trying something new with no communication, it’s also possible to have a someone pulls out handcuffs.

That works, but we want to give the universe as many ways as possible to truly give us our heart’s desires.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the key to abundance is cash, but it’s not! If you had all of those things, would they give you the feeling of abundance you’re looking for?

I was a 21-year-old college student who had just returned home from an amazing six months studying abroad in South Africa.

I'd taught dance to schoolchildren at a local township.Cosmic Ordering works on the principle of Ask, Believe and Receive and the Law of Attraction invites us to understand the quantum nature of the universe and tells us that we need to vibrate at the same frequency as whatever it is we want to draw in and hold.When people start working with Cosmic Ordering or the Law of Attraction around abundance, they usually start by asking for cash in figures.You become more of a compassionate being, you become more open… I think there's a lot of wounded people in the world because of everything that's going on today… I don't have to explain how fucked up corporations are making the world, how they're compressing humanity. There's a lot of pressure, there's a lot of tension. I said yes, but if that wasn’t gobsmacking enough, the destination was then switched – to Tobago!

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