Sexing picture xchange

You have heard the saying that " a picture is worth a thousand words"...

well that must make our presentation worth over 100,000!

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We’ve also got the largest amount of lifetime sex partners—the average magic number, less than half of mine (TMI), is 13—and we’re twice as likely to enjoy taking women from behind (duh). Last month, -style studies usually aren’t that deep, where else would you find out that 22% of Black men would enjoy sisters to stick a finger someplace it, uh, ordinarily doesn’t go? There’s no casually snarky way to talk tossed salads, so let’s just leave that one alone.

And yet survey says: Black men would prefer to be on the receiving end more often than any other race of guys.

My personal Janet Jackson fixation has been hard to give up over the years, but I’d still have to agree.

Making love (in the rain…I digress) is so much of an emotional, connective experience, it makes sense that most of us would rather spend it with our loving life partners.

He tries to make up for looking like a girl by wearing an extra coating of male bravado wherever he goes.

He enjoys his time at school with his friends Touya and Renji.

Absolutely the best, all-new guide - presented like you will never have seen it before.

It is jaw-droppingly exciting, inspiring & totally comprehensive!

The next day, Kaoru is shocked to wake up to find that he's been transformed into a girl!

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