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We will train you how to use state of the art epidemiological techniques via our mobile application, Mission Rabies App, to ensure that our work is scientifically robust.

We collect data on every dog we vaccinate so that we can ensure we reach our target of 70% vaccination coverage to eliminate rabies.

A veterinary clinic has shared a shocking photo of a boxer dog vomiting after eating chocolate in a stark warning to all pet owners this Easter.

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Owners have been warned to be vigilant over the holidays when chocolate eggs and sweet treats are more likely to be offered to household pets.

Research by LV= pet insurance shows that twice as many claims for chocolate poisoning are made around the Easter and Christmas holiday periods, compared to the rest of the year. A naturally occurring stimulant found in the cocoa bean, theobromine increases urination and affects the central nervous system as well as heart muscle.

The image was accompanied by the caption: 'Not for the faint hearted but this is reality.'Please think twice when you feed your dog chocolate! As Easter approaches make sure to keep all chocolate eggs away from your pets.'The image has received tens of thousands of comments and shares from shocked dog owners.

The danger depends on the animal's size and the type of chocolate.

Mission Rabies runs dog vaccination programmes in rabies-hotspots around the world and are looking for volunteers to join us in Malawi in April and May, Sri Lanka in September and Goa in October.

Join us to help vaccinate at least 70% of the dog population in the area; we achieve this target through the hard work and dedication of our multinational teams, with volunteers from all over the world joining our experienced local staff.

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