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When designing a database, early decisions can have a huge impact on the performance and storage requirements.These decisions can be difficult to change later, as most subsequent work will depend on the physical model.I have already asked what amounts to one half of the question here, but I am hoping someone in this forum can answer the other half, involving MS SQL server specifically. NET MVC 5 project, and there is a business requirement that involves two very specific types of foreign keys to lookup tables.

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After restarting Windows, the GUID can start again from a lower range.

Using the NEWSEQUENTIALID() function can be faster than using the NEWID() function.

For this type of guid, 47 bytes are the MAC address, 16 are clock cycle, and 60 bits are the time since 15 October 1582 in 100 nanosecond increments.

If you're curious you can check out Section 4.2 of RFC 4122.

Plus, in this project in particular there will be scheduled weekly imports from an external database, and I want to be able to have all imported data have this default value in its foreign key without having to do extra work.

Having the foreign key automatically assume this empty Guid as a default value when passed a null value would be very handy from several different angles. These foreign keys are non-nullable uniqueidentifier fields.

My other question tried to focus on the MVC Code-First migration itself, but I cannot wait around for an answer in terms of this project (although it will be useful for future projects), so this question on this forum involves the MSSQL server itself.

I would like to know how to modify a foreign key property for the foreign key, but both attempts came back with “Error validating the default for column 'column'. ” I am hoping that someone might be able to help me to add a default value to a non-nullable CREATE TRIGGER t_replace_null_guid_with_default ON dbo.t INSTEAD OF INSERT AS BEGIN INSERT INTO dbo.t (tid, ggid) SELECT tid, COALESCE(ggid, '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000') FROM inserted; END ; The point of the default value is to provide a value when an INSERT has values for some of the columns of the table (the rest get their respective defaults).

The NEWSEQUENTIALID() function is a wrapper over the Windows Uuid Create Sequential function.

For example, the following script creates a new table with a GUID column as a row identifier, and a DEFAULT constraint that uses the NEWSEQUENTIALID() function.

Note that there is no discernible pattern when using NEWID().

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