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There were many questions in the heart of her notes: Who are my real parents? Whatever we knew more about her; we found more unique feature of this story and we thought it is interesting enough to make a documentary film about...

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Despite of her Dutch parents unwillingness, it’s a while that she started a search for finding her biological parents and she wants to travel to her motherland Iran, for the first time…

Story Background: On June 1976, a baby daughter was found in one of Imam Reza Shrine’s courtyards (A mausoleum where Imam Reza, a descendant of Prophet Mohammad, is buried.

Director's Note: The Start The headline of newspaper was brief, clear and naturally curious: "A Dutch girl is looking for her real family in Iran”. It was not the first time we heard a foster child is looking for her biological parents; but there was something in the life story of this girl that had caused this short news of newspaper remained in our mind for a few days later. We decided to call her and our virtual meetings started through Skype.

While we spoke and thought more and more about it, we become more interested in it. We spoke for hours and she said about the motivations and desires for her search.

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Life is a journey filled with unforeseen twists and turns, tremendous joys, unspeakable sorrows, and daily choices. You might wonder why a young, intelligent, attractive woman would choose such a challenging career; Kimberly Greway is no ordinary woman.

Not everyone makes the best choices for their life. According to Greway, “My family was aware that I was called to the ministry long before I ever realized it or heard the call myself.

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