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Commonly referred to as QC, this lively urban center still boasts a list of government offices, including the House of Representatives, and it is also home to some renowned universities.The University of the Philippines, which is widely regarded as being the premier institute of higher learning in the Far East, has its main campus in the Diliman district, and the private Ateneo de Manila University also calls Quezon City home.Their newest venture is Spencer Trappist Ale, a brewery project that’s been getting a lot of buzz for being the first and only certified Trappist beer made in the United States, but the sweetest (dating back to the mid-1950s) is the abbey’s line of jams, jellies, and marmalades.

Strolling the campuses of these two schools is something that is worth adding to a Quezon City travel itinerary.

Other top Quezon City attractions include the Quezon City Hall and the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Because we like to make our lives *so* simple and easy, we began dating right after high school graduation – just days before he left for his summer internship in D. and the summer before we both headed off to separate colleges in separate states.

Four years later, after racking up hundreds of Southwest Airlines miles to see each other on weekends, spending three summers in separate cities, and two study abroad semesters that resulted in us not seeing each other for six months, we both moved to New York City.

The more hard-working a successful person is, the less time for leisure.

No matter how hard-working, most wealthy singles still feel the urge for a partner if not for a family.Our site gives you helpful new tools to make communication fun and easy.Thai XOXO offers you better features than even the paid memberships on other sites.In Thailand there are unique challenges to finding love.Language and cultural barriers make it hard to express yourself.In fact, the cauldron-stirring monk on each jar of Trappist Preserves is based on reality, since every all natural batch is made by Trappist monks living right here in New England. Joseph’s Abbey in beautiful Spencer, Massachusetts, to be exact.

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