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Instead, Tessler suggests posting several relatively current photos of yourself.

"Don't put pictures from different eras of your life so nobody can tell what you actually look like."And if you have to post a self portrait, skip the ones you snapped in the bathroom mirror. No one's going to be like, 'No, I'd rather message forever.'"Vetting your date: Too much Googling can trip the creepy alarm.

"Once you get into their world, they really start to see it differently."When it comes to Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Toney says she understands why their relationship may be in trouble."I've seen it so many times," she said.

Each category is rated from one to 10."You rate yourself and then you rate the people you're interested in dating.

That way you only date people that rate the same as you," Toney explained. "Even twins or best friends will have different internal values."However, Toney points out that men tend to see themselves better than they really are and women see themselves worse than they really are."That's one of the main reasons I wanted to do this book is because women typically judge themselves by their worst qualities," she explained.

"Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, you were like, 'duh, it didn't work out because she was dating down.' It's shocking to me she's dating down because it's not just about looks," Spencer said.

Toney says that Aniston "dates down" a lot." "It's hard in the celebrity world. You're talking about people who most of us would see at perfect tens," Toney explained.

But we'll get to that.) And some less obvious questions of online romantic etiquette (When should you move offline?

)For tips this Valentine's season, CBS News reached out to Emma Tessler, cofounder of the digital matchmaking company Dating Ring, which was created, she said, "to make the online dating experience a little bit less terrible." The profile: Be brief, honest and keep your clothes on."People write way too much," Tessler says of online daters filling out profiles on sites like Ok Cupid. Nobody wants to read that much about you before they've met you."It's trite but true: Be yourself. Like, 'Every Friday night I could be watching Netflix or going out.' Everybody does that. Say something unique."When picking profile photos, avoid an overabundance of confusing group shots.Toney shared her "fool proof" formula for finding your perfect soul mate with Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith and substitute co-anchor and "Insider" host Lara Spencer.According to Toney, the rating system works in four areas: face, body, personality, and life situation.We have that in common, both scratching our heads fighting being cynical. You need a lot of humor to fight cynicism, and this movie has it - both, actually. He brought so much of himself to the character, so much improvisation, very encouraging and very free." Pointing out that Lane is on almost every magazine cover, Smith refers to an article in Redbook magazine in which she encourages women to embrace their age. "I waited a decade to get here, so I better enjoy it! I'm a late bloomer, and it's just all good."The film also features Stockard Channing, Elizabeth Perkins, and Ali Hillis.If you're single, dating, and constantly getting dumped, Reba Toney, author of "The Rating Game," knows why and can help.How many messages should you swap before you meet for a date in the real world? Your date gets up from the table; you check your phone. "I'm sure everyone does it, but you shouldn't do it. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong."Texting after the date: How soon is too soon?

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