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It possibly derives from the, erm, position classically adopted by male up line an opening gambit intended to attract the opposite sex.As such, the data from 23and Me's Browse Raw Data feature is suitable only for research, educational, and informational use and not for medical or other use.

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I would advise you not to confront this person (online or otherwise), definately not pay the money demanded and to end all contact with them immediately.

Filters should be placed on your email account(s) to block any emails sent by them.

Important: The raw data provided by 23and Me is an advanced view of all the uninterpreted raw genotype data, including data that is not used in 23and Me reports.

This data has undergone a general quality review however only a subset of markers have been individually validated for accuracy.

There are two ways to navigate the Browse Raw Data feature. You can type the name of a gene or SNP rsid# into the appropriate search box, and the viewer will display your data at the specified location.

In this article, we will discuss what is known about a surprisingly popular phenomenon in the Middle East—the use of social media to communicate. v make conversation with someone of the opposite sex with the intention of endearing yourself to them: Arthur spent the whole bloody night chatting up some bird in a wig. It’s a very old term, and predates female homosexuals.The surprise is that the network has lasted so long.There are still 810,000 Minitel terminals in France, mostly used by older people who dislike computers. But now, 30 years after it was invented, the wired experiment that foreshadowed the World Wide Web is about to lose its connection once and for all.

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