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The course then started to get more advanced by adding list items and more views.

On day two after a watching two hour long tutorial I was getting a little bit bored of android studio…

Now, you may be thinking, “Umm, Will, that story wasn’t funny…”. The funny part of me applying for my work experience at 3 SIDED CUBE is that about a week later I was talking to my brother and he mentioned that he was moving to a new job. I started to create a very basic native Android app and while it did take me an hour to set up the project and get a screen that said “Hello World!

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The theme of the fashion show was ‘Once Upon a Time – Literary Favourites’ which included The Jungle Book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Where my Wellies Take Me, The Hundred Dresses, Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet and Dr Seuss.

The pupils designed, sewed, weaved, glued, painted, created papier mache pieces, fabric printed, made jewellery and much more to create a stunning show.

"I said 'we are all human, it just happens that I haven't had one', he just seemed so anxious.

"I said 'it's fine, I don't mind' but he wasn't listening.

The finale to the day was the Knighton House Fashion Show.

Every three years each pupil creates a garment and choreographs a catwalk dance.

The Dixon case is just one in a long line of similar legal battles teens have faced in the last decade.

Whether you agree with this outcome or not, the fact remains that statutory rape is considered a serious crime, enforceable to the full extent of the law in many states – and can change the course of a teenager’s life forever.

"He didn't say he was going to do anything, but I knew he wasn't in good shape." Mrs Mansel immediately contacted a friend, Richard Henry, and asked him to check on her husband.

But after hanging up, Mr Mansel grabbed a shotgun from his collection, drove his Land Rover Discovery to the woodland, where he drank a bottle of red wine from a plastic cup for “Dutch courage” before killing himself.

Although there is no public talk of prosecution, and much of the case would depend on where and when the sexual activity took place, onlookers have questioned whether Spears’ boyfriend could be charged with statutory rape, even though the two were in a long-term, consensual relationship.

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