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In the credit and transfers portfolio, which reached R$ 592.7 billion, 96.2% of operations were classified between levels of AA and C, considered low risk in late March 2017.

Additionally, the default, in the operations in general is at lower levels.

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The projects of the PPI will be treated as a national priority by all public agents of execution and control of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Municipalities.

The bodies, entities and authorities of Public Administration of the Union with competences relating to the projects of the PPI shall have their own programs aimed at adopting, on the administrative regulation, regardless of any legal requirement, advanced practices recommended by the best national and international experiences, including: (i) with due observance to the competences of specific legislation and with prior public consultation, to issue plans, regulations and acts that draw up and become stable the policies laid down by the Executive Branch for each regulated sector, making secure their implementation within the framework of the administrative regulation; (ii) regulatory impact analysis whenever there is an issue or amendment of regulations, regulatory sector plans and other sectorial regulatory acts, aiming to guide decision-making and ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, coherence and quality of regulatory policy, with integral respect to the involved standards and rights; (iii) prior hearing of the competent authorities regarding the consistency and fiscal, economic and competitive impacts of the regulatory measures under analysis; (iv) prior public consultation when editing or amending regulations and sectorial regulatory plans; (v) constant monitoring and annual assessment regarding the implementation and the results of the regulatory measures foreseen in the policies, plans and regulations; (vi) elimination of bureaucratic barriers to the free organization of the enterprise activity; (vii) coordination with the Administrative Council for Economic Defense ( CADE), to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the measures to encourage competition and the prevention and suppression of violations to the economic order; and (viii) coordination with bodies and control authorities, to increase the transparency of the administrative actions and the efficiency for receiving and considering the contributions and recommendations.

For the purpose of MP 727/2016, partnership agreements are considered the common concession, the sponsored concession, the administrative concession, the concession governed by sectorial legislation, the public service permit, the lease of public good, the granting of right in rem and other public-private business that adopt similar legal structure in function of its strategic character and its complexity, specificity, volume of investments, long-term and involved risks or uncertainties.

The PPI's objectives are the following: (i) to expand investment opportunities and employment and stimulate technological and industrial development in harmony with the goals of the social and economic development of the country; (ii) to ensure the expansion of public infrastructure quality, with appropriate rates and prices; (iii) to promote wide and fair competition in the signing of partnerships and the provision of services; (iv) to ensure stability and legal certainty, with the minimum intervention in the businesses and investments; and (v) to strengthen the regulatory role of the State and the autonomy of the State regulatory bodies.

The delay exceeding 30 days in the operations of the Bank retreated from 2.81% of the portfolio in 12/31/16 to 2.13% in .

Four months after deeply reformulating its operational policies, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) begins the process of internal reflection that will lead to the development of a medium and long-term strategy, with guidelines until 2030.

One of the first measures adopted by the Vice-President Michel Temer, who is now the Head of the Brazilian Executive Branch as a result of the process of impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, was to make it clear to the market that the new Brazilian Government will welcome the participation of the private sector in the public infrastructure projects. 727, of May 12, 2016 ("MP 727/2016"), that creates the Investment Partnerships Program ( PPI) for the expansion and strengthening of the interaction between the State and the private sector through the conclusion of partnership agreements for the implementation of public infrastructure projects and other privatization measures.

MP 727/2016 contemplates the main features of the PPI and also contains the following relevant topics: (a) creation of a Council linked to the Presidency of the Republic ( the Fund); and (d) adoption of measures for the expeditious release of the projects.

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According to the President of BNDES, Maria Silvia Bastos Marques, in accordance with her role of inductor of the economic development, in particular of projects with positive externalities – in this case the environmental –, the Bank allocates the best terms of credit to renewable energy projects.

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