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But polls indicate that Evan Mc Mullin, a former congressional staff member and CIA operative who is a graduate of Brigham Young University, could win there.

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Get real-time election night updates on the race for the White House.

We'll bring you the very latest results all night long, thanks to FOX News.

To win the White House, Trump would have to carry all four and pull one or more of Clinton's states into his column.

Right now, polling averages show Clinton leading in three of the four, though by small margins. The map is interactive, so you can check out as many electoral scenarios as you like.

Most of the ballots have already been cast: a majority of Montana voters opt to vote via mail-in.

This is important, given the developments in the last 24 hours.Now that the presidential debates have finished, we've updated our electoral map once again.Like our last update, this one shifted more states away from Donald Trump.Tonight, Miles Coleman will be live blogging returns here and updating our comparison charts.The two maps on top are the vote by county color coded by the winner and margin, the bottom two represent the Republican/Democratic lean of every county tonight compared to the 2016 Gubernatorial contest (which Gianforte lost narrowly) and the 2016 Congressional contest (which Zinke won handily).We will be updating this blog post with comparative displays and the latest updates from the collection team, and unlike every other outlet, we are covering the returns via a live broadcast starting at 10pm EDT.

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