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The big changes appear when you start editing collaboratively in Word, Power Point, and One Note, with two or more users editing the same document simultaneously and optionally exchanging text, voice, or video chat via Skype, with the Skype functions accessible directly from the document.

The new features get even more elaborate when you start working with other team members using timesaving Group functions built into Outlook.

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Prefer Office 2007 but I suppose everything moves forward.

Office 2016 was a little pricey but at least I don't have to renew my licence every year.

If you don't see an option to install Office 2016 when you sign in to Software.aspx, contact your admin.

Your admin may not have assigned a licensed to you or given you permission to install the version of Office you want.

The download was a piece of cake but I did struggle with the settings until I found https://com/en/support/guide/setting-up-microsoft-outlook-2016 Yep, does it all with a few minor niggles (well, it is a Microsoft product) but overall I'm impressed with it.

Outlook configured itself once I had input the email addresses I use and Word/Excel are a bit different from the 2007 versions but no real problems here.If you follow these steps and don't see an option to install the newest products, contact your admin.Your admin may not have assigned a licensed to you or given you permission to install Office. Admins who want to upgrade users in their organization of the latest version of Office, should first review the step-by-step guidance in, Upgrade users to the latest Office client using Office 365 for business.Haven't used One Note or One Drive yet cos they are low priority for me.My PC is 2 years old with Windows 7 HP 64-bit, SSD & HDD, 16GB RAM, average graphics, Dell 2412 screen.Did you purchase multiple copies of Office and can only activate Office on the first computer?

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