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This means that, if you have SP1 or higher running on your DC’s, then you don’t need to run adprep /domainprep.

By standardizing how data is stored, AD DS can retrieve, update, and replicate data, while maintaining the integrity of the data.

The schema for AD DS in Windows SBS 2008 is not the same as the schema for Active Directory in Windows SBS 2003 or in Windows Server 2003.

(Please be sure you isolate your recovery environment when you test forest recovery).

The schema is the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) component that defines all the objects and attributes that the directory service uses to store data.

#demandglobalchange // https:// Updating from 2003 to 2003 R2 & implementing Exchange are 2 common administrative tasks which both require a schema update.

Since I’ve mentioned "updating from 2003 to 2003 R2", I’ll take the opportunity to add some "notes from the field" to this blog post, which will increase success rate of the update and limit the risk of the schema update itself.With respect to testing a schema extension, the best test environment is one that has an identical schema to the production environment. On an ongoing basis, be sure to apply all schema extensions to your test environment that you do to your production environment. Build a test Active Directory environment, then synchronize the schema to production. Start by building the test environment to the same AD version as production.How can you build and/or maintain a test environment that has a schema that is identical to production? That is, if all your production DCs are Windows Server 2003 or lower, make sure your test environment has a 2003 schema.Here is the output of rake db:migrate:status Status Migration ID Migration Name -------------------------------------------------- up 20150225041954 Create songs up 20150225042739 Create albums up 20150225043102 Create artists up 20150225043854 Create playlists up 20150225044118 Create users up 20150225044314 Create stations up 20150225061259 Create featured artists up 20150225153938 Add devise to users up 20150225200646 Create reviews up 20150321171830 Stations users up 20150323200255 Add last fm to album up 20150323200432 Add last fm to artist up 20150323200513 Add last fm to song up 20150325052314 Albums stations up 20150325061241 Playlist songs up 20150327172516 Add image url to albums up 20150327172532 Add image url to artists does not apply new changes in migration files. The available DMI schemas are displayed in a table under the Schema Availability label, as shown in Table 1.If your environment doesn’t meet this assumption, I recommend upgrading to 2003 SP1 first.

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