Updating typo3

Regards Elmar synchronized with the version of the extension.When we have finally automated the whole rendering chain, we certainly hope to be able to achieve this.

updating typo3-43

Even if I automatically set the version from ext_during documentation rendering on clientside, the version of the extension is incemented during upload to TER by the uploader and the version in the docs is behind. render my documents with the new version from ext_3.

To solve this issue I was working on a TER uploader from the commandline during this WE called ext. upload to TER wit ext without touching the version again.

By becoming a partner of TYPO3 we want to actively spread the knowledge and development of TYPO3.

In addition we organize international events like TYPO3camp Venlo, so people with a passion for TYPO3 can come together and inspire each other.

The biggest changes have been made to the technologies and structure of the TYPO3 core – the backend still looks and feels very similar to that of the 4.5 version.

Therefore, your content editors will usually find it easy to get used to the new version (if they do notice anything at all in the first place).

As a basic principle, it is always a good idea to apply software upgrades.

Any software vendor releases new versions/updates of their software in more or less regular intervals in order to eliminate security risks, fix other bugs, and improve the software with new features and technologies.

Note that this example is just a short version for applications that are not meant to be published as packages themselves.

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