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(present) • Verification: Was the work done according to plan? (future) Validation is not a new concept to the food processing industry.In the early days of the low-acid canned-food regulations, protocols were established to validate the processing conditions for canning low-acid products.

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Stier Validation has always been part of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, but it is an even greater issue in today’s food safety management systems.

Even though this has been required since “day 1,” it is surprising how many companies’ HACCP plans contain no validation data.

Two sentences, read by all speakers, were designed to bring out dialect variation: The remaining sentences were chosen to be phonetically rich, involving all phones (sounds) and a comprehensive range of diphones (phone bigrams).

Additionally, the design strikes a balance between multiple speakers saying the same sentence in order to permit comparison across speakers, and having a large range of sentences covered by the corpus to get maximal coverage of diphones.

In a statement, EDF Energy said it had designed its R&D program to show how it will extend the operating periods of these reactors in a safe and cost-effective way.

"Access to accurate data on the state of the different critical components is vital," it said.

In comparison to the other main designs of nuclear reactors in the world, AGRs have high temperature operating conditions, EDF Energy noted.

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