Vietnam customs courting dating

For example, the word ma has six different meanings according to the tone which the word carries: phantom, ghost; cheek; but, which, who; tomb; horse; young rice seedling.Vietnamese has three basic dialects, all are generally understood by most Vietnamese speakers.

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Vietnam customs courting dating

In the old days the bride was usually several years older than the groom.

The reasoning went that an older woman was stronger and more able to perform farming chores.

This situation may be characterized as a reverse gender Oedipus complex.

A slightly related offshoot of this relationship is the “lifer”.

LANGUAGE Vietnamese is basically a monosyllabic language having six tones, which give the language a sing-song effect.

A word can be repeated with any one of six tones to indicate six different meanings.Only a few urban people, influenced by Western customs, celebrate birthdays, since that occasion is not a Vietnamese customs Nor do Vietnamese send Christmas cards.Wedding and funeral ceremonies are important events and are usually performed with solemn and traditional rituals. It can easily be identified by the female’s eagerness and willingness to accept a relationship with a Vietnamese American male who may not be entirely the best fit for her, or is typically described in the Modern American English lexicon as a “Gangsta”. If you know any of them (or ARE any of them, I will gladly remove. in a young Vietnamese American female’s post-pubescent/early dating rituals.However, what is considered "best" are things like family status of their potential mate, wealth, proximity to their own parents, and health.

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