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Monitor your front door, security for your office, your refrigerator, or anything!

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Another way to activate a laptop web camera is to start using it through an instant messenger service like Skype, Yahoo, MSN or Google Talk.

We just recently set up a reef tank in the office and wanted a cool way to check on it while we were away (we are total dorks, we know). It was cheap and easy and with No-IP, you can check in online, even if you have one of those pesky dynamic IPs. Just make sure that you aren’t invading anyone’s privacy or breaking any of these laws. You can find a cheap one online, we ordered ours from Amazon. Our reef tank cam is attached with electrical tape to the side of the tank.

View beautiful images of Santa Catalina Island from our Mt. The Santa Catalina Island Company offers a variety of hotels, restaurants, tours and special offers to suit the needs of a variety of travelers.

Welcome to Condor Cam, the first webcams to stream live video of wild condors!

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