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Regardless of how the disequilibrium formed, over time the U-series isotopes will tend to return to a state of secular equilibrium so long as the material remains in a state that does not allow chemical exchanges in or out of it, remaining a “closed system”.

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Archaeological applications of the Th-23O/U-234 method are described elsewhere (6,7,8), so this paper will be concerned to the technique itself and present some results on comparative dating.

Figure 1 shows the basis of U-series dating via the activity ratio of Th-230/U-234: The trace element uranium is easily dissolved and transported by karstic, carbonate-rich waters seeping through the limestone rock.

The discovery that mass spectrometry would soon usurp many of the tasks performed by radioactive counting was in itself serendipitous.

Ages of older sites can be obtained with the K–Ar method, but only where volcanic deposits are interstratified with the archaeological deposits.

Uranium series dating of calcite formations in caves : recent results and a comparative study on age determinations via ²³⁰Th/²³⁴U, ¹⁴C, TL and ESR. Uranium series dating seems to be a most reliable and rather frequently used technique to determine the formation age of such speleothems.

Such "speleothems" are usually regarded to be a most suitable material for dating purposes, and they are not altered as is bone material after long times of storage.

The majority of Middle and Lower Palaeolithic sites contain no volcanic deposits.

However, many of these sites are associated with synchronously deposited beds of calcium carbonate, occurring either as tufa mounds left by now extinct springs, or as layers of travertine (speleothem) in the mouths of formerly inhabited caves.

We analysed six Last Interglacial and one Holocene coral of the genus Porites collected near the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba (northern Red Sea) together with three recent corals from this location as a modern reference.

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