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Most importantly of all, she says, she's a mother of two.

The 27-year-old has also been a vocal advocate for breastfeeding, and certainly displayed this in a stunning photo posted to Instagram Thursday: Jessie James Decker is using a picture of Kim Kardashian nude to illustrate a point of contention with Instagram.

But what Broncos fans most want from Decker is another season like the one he had in 2012, when he made 85 catches for more than 1,000 yards and ranked second in the NFL with 13 touchdown catches. Decker would get up early and head to the team’s Dove Valley headquarters. Crew members would be at his house with everything pretty much set.

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is an American country music artist who is best known for her collaboration with her husband, country singer and songwriter Waylon Jennings, and for her 1975 country-pop crossover hit "I'm Not Lisa".

Jessi Colter was one of the few female artists to emerge from the mid-1970s "outlaw" movement.

The 26-year old model tried multiple times this week to share a photo on this social media site of her 10-month old daughter using the potty.

Let's all hope this leads to another Jessie James GQ spread...

From these humble roots, Decker became a star wide receiver for the home-state Minnesota Gophers, was featured on the cover of GQ magazine and turned into one of the top pass-catching targets for Tim Tebow, then Peyton Manning of the Broncos. Network, Decker will be the co-star of a reality television show that chronicles his life in the weeks leading up to his June 22 marriage to country and pop singing star Jessie James.

That’s heady stuff for a kid who grew up around granite.

The first, "Lonesome Road", received scattered airplay in several US markets, though not enough to make any national charts.

After a second single failed to even get regional airplay, Johnson did not record again for nearly a decade.

In 1976 she was featured on the collaboration LP Wanted: The Outlaws, which became an RIAA-certified Platinum album, and helped her become one of the few female outlaw country stars. in 1961, she began singing in local clubs in Phoenix.

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