Who is melissa tkautz dating

The Aussie talent is an entertainment icon who took her first steps in the industry at only 4 years of age.She then rose to fame as a teenager on the soapie juggernaut 'E-Street' playing Nikki Spencer.Whisked away from her hometown, the powerhouse juggles family priorities, redecorating her home, recording studio dates and an in-flight movie list whilst between hair and makeup.

It's not like I'm away for weeks at a time," she says passionately.

Today, Melissa Tkautz is a renowned household name.

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And on Thursday, Melissa Tkautz claimed responsibility for one of Australia's biggest acting stars, revealing she had an on and off relationship with Simon Baker in 1991.

Speaking to Nova FM's Fitzy and Wippa, the Read My Lips singer said she gave Simon his big acting break by introducing him to the creator of E Street who later gave him a small part on the soap series.

"Let's face it, I am super busy but I am with [my kids] more than not.

I always try to orchestrate meetings and interviews and auditions whenever I can when they're either at school, daycare or when they're asleep.

What started as a family trip resulted in Nikki and her younger brother Zac being left by their mother Heather, and they didn’t realise it until days had passed and their passports went sent in the post. Desperate to be popular she made a play for peoples boyfriends and played practical jokes on the most naive victims.

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